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Individual Lesson FAQs

  1. What happens during a lesson? During a lesson, Marieke will be observing your posture and movement patterns. She will also supplement the visual information in a very important way by using her hands, gently placing them on your neck, shoulders, back and so on. She is using her hands in order to get more refined information about your patterns of breathing and moving, and to guide you towards new movement patterns.
  2. How should I dress? Comfortable clothing that allows for movement, and shoes that are easily removable, are suggested - Alexander work sometimes takes place on the floor on a mat or includes moving around the room.
  3. Can I take a lesson if I have physical disabilities? A lesson is a gentle process and is not physically demanding. It is a process of allowing the student to release tension and harmful habits - at the student's pace. Lessons are possible for people who have physical restrictions.
  4. What is a voice lesson like? A singing or speaking lesson is usually an hour and can include Alexander work, vocal exercises, breath work and working on the student's song or performance material.  Recording the lesson is recommended. Bringing an accompanist or a recorded accompaniment is encouraged. 
  5. How long is a lesson? An Alexander Technique lesson usually lasts about 45 minutes. It will probably take a few lessons for you and Marieke to get an idea of how quickly you will make progress.  In the beginning, it is helpful to have lessons more frequently (perhaps one to three times a week) then pacing the lessons out more. The majority of students come for twenty to forty lessons and then come back periodically for refresher lessons.
  6. Can I meet Marieke before beginning lessons? Yes, Marieke offers a complimentary 15 minute consultation by appointment.
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Encouraging breathe to support singing. Release and lengthen arm and shoulder.

Alexis, testimonial for Marieke Schuurs"Working with Marieke has been a dream. I have been working with her on the Alexander Technique as well as singing and it has helped immensely not only with my voice but with my work as a massage therapist. (Sometimes I even bring my guitar to a lesson and we work on that too!)

I'm a shy person and the confidence I get from singing is benefiting every aspect of my life.

Alexis B.

"Marieke is great to work with!

She is friendly, encouraging, knowledgeable and professional. Marieke has helped me to improve my range and confidence while retaining my own style."

Madeline CC