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The Alexander Technique

The Alexander Technique is recognized worldwide as an educational process. Students discover the tools for unlearning poor habits of movement, restoring organic balance, reconnecting the mind/body relationship, and learning mindfulness.  There are several Alexander Technique organizations around the world: ATI, AMSAT, STAT, to name a few.  There are also You tube videos and TED talks about the Alexander Technique.  However, the Alexander Technique needs to be experienced firsthand to be understood.  

A good way to experience the Alexander Technique for the first time is in a small group workshop.  For more extensive learning, and to address your individual concerns, consider a series of private sessions with a certified Alexander Technique teacher.  Contact the organizations listed above for workshops or an Alexander Technique teacher in your area.


Bodymapping is bio-mechanical and ergonomic education, designed specifically for musicians.  Originally created by William and Barbara Conable, both Alexander Technique teachers, as a six hour workshop in a classroom format, bodymapping has evolved into an effective tool for music teachers, both in universities and in private studios.  The original bodymapping textbook is What Every Musician Needs to Know about the Body, by Barbara Conable. Other bodymapping books include: What Every Flutist Needs to Know..., What every Dancer needs to Know..., What every Pianist needs to know... The books can be found on

Interested in learning bodymapping?  Go to for workshops and licensed teachers in your area. Attend or host a workshop at your school or studio.  Train one-on-one with a teacher for a more in depth understanding, or to become a licensed Bodymapping teacher (Andover Educator).

Alexander Technique



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"Marieka's work has changed the way I use my body and therefore my voice. Her approach is gentle but effective. She will change the way you think about and use your body and voice. She has helped save my teaching career and made my singing voice more resonant and effortless."

Brian H. 

“Learning the Alexander Technique through Marieke has been truly life changing for me. It has vastly improved the way I use my body and mind in work, sports and music. I cannot recommend her lessons highly enough!"

"I actually went to Marieke for help with becoming a better public speaker. I wanted to project, deepen, and strengthen my voice and tone. Through her guidance I saw improvements in my speaking voice,my posture, my gait, my breathing. By educating about the body as a whole Marieke shares skills that benefit quality of life not just the voice."

Chandra Bigelow